Mt. Elbrus

The Highest Peak in Europe

Mt. Elbrus is shaped like a maiden's Breasts.  It is like a woman beautiful, white and clean. In ancient times, her fire-breathing fury scattered the tracks all over the world. Current geography of modern Europe owes much of its existence to prehistoric eruptions of mount Elbrus. Today some scientists believe the mountain is an extinct volcano. Others argue that a sleeping dragon is more alive under a thick ice shell, in the hidden depths of the mountains, the old man Hephaestus had not yet extinguished the fire. What will happen when she wakes up? In the summer most of the tourists from all over the world come here just to climb this mountain. Located in the Caucasus (5642 meters above sea level) it is the highest mountain peak of Russia and included in the list of the highest peaks of the planet's "Seven summits". The melt water of the glaciers flowing from its slopes feeds the largest rivers of the Caucasus and the Stavropol territory: the Kuban', Malka and Baksan. Due to well-developed transport and related infrastructure Elbrus and the surrounding areas are very popular for recreation, sports, tourism and mountain climbing.. On the saddle of Elbrus (5416 m) that separates the Eastern (5621 m) and Western (5642 m) peaks, is the highest mountaineering shelter in Europe.

This maiden awaits you!

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