The heart of Russia

The capital of the largest country on this planet should be impressive and it is. The city is very unique, beautiful & modern. It is a magical blend of different mentalities,  epochs, religions, ideologies and lifestyles. A sprawling city that has a little bit of every thing Russia has to offer. As for the attractions of Moscow, their exact list is difficult to put together with 2600+Sq.Km of area, A life time is not enough to cover the number of museums and monuments that exist here. To this is add the numerous exhibitions, theaters and concert halls and large-scale festivals of everything — from bell ringing to beer. The main sights of Moscow, Red square and the Moscow Kremlin, at any time of the year are the starting point for most tourists. Begin your tour at the Red square form Voznesensky gate, Kazan Cathedral, St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow GUM, the Historical Museum. There is a monument to Minin and Pozharsky & the Lenin Mausoleum. The complex of Moscow Kremlin includes such famous attractions as the assumption, Archangel Cathedral and Annunciation Cathedral, the Spasskaya tower & the very special Armory and Diamond Fund. In Moscow there are so many theatres and galleries, museums that you can plan trips for vacation of any length, and your vacation will not depend on the weather. It is interesting to visit not only for world-famous attractions, such as Tretyakov gallery or the Bolshoi theater, but also cultural institutions of small format. In the summer enjoy a leisurely stroll in the parks of Moscow: amongst the greenery and flower beds, feed the birds, or ride the carousel. Winter rides can be found in indoor amusement parks in shopping malls, ice towns, go to one of the largest outdoor rinks in Gorky Park. Gorky Park, Sokolniki, VDNKH, at the stadium of Young Pioneers. The water parks are open all year-round.

Welcome to Moscow!

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