Land of 1001 Delights

A highly developed and attractive region of Russia. Tatarstan lies in the center of country, 800 km east of Moscow, on the greatest European river, the Volga. Tatarstan is a land of wealth, peace and harmony. Here you will find an authentic way of life, with its own cuisine, music, fashion, art, architecture, hard-working and joyous people. Tatarstan defies the notions of East or West. It has its own character that is modern, colorful, rich, energetic and diverse. You will meet people who have worked for generations to make themselves and their guests happy and prosperous. Tatarstan is Russia’s best region for travel, recognized by The National “My Planet 2014” Award. It offers an exciting, pleasant and safe experience to visitor of any type and taste. Kazan: The capital of Tatarstan is the city of Kazan. Kazan celebrated its 1000 anniversary in 2005 and keeps on growing wealthier and more beautiful. Known as “The Third Capital of Russia”, Kazan is a modern and comfortable city offering a wide array of choices to a visitor – from countless cafes and restaurants, shopping and  entertainment malls to world class sports and cultural events. Kazan Kremlin was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. The stunning white walls of the Kazan Kremlin is the primary attraction point in Kazan. The Kremlin dates back to the 12th century and hosts a wealth of sights within its walls The most obvious one is the blue and white gem of the Kul Sharif Mosque, one Russia’s largest. Next to it is the Russian Orthodox Blagoveschensky (Annunciation) Cathedral and the mysterious leaning Tower of Syuyumbike, the legendary last queen of Kazan. Sunsets over Kazan, as viewed from the Kremlin, are incredibly dramatic with deep colours and clouds appearing within reach, and the air filled with a sweet smell like toffee.

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