Scandinavian nature at its best

Beautiful nature in all its pristine beauty — that's what's great Northern edge of Russia, the picturesque Republic of Karelia. Lake Onega and the Solovetsky archipelago — already some of these names awaken in the memory of the "postcard" pictures of the gentle sunrise in the mist, a motionless water surface, harsh, but amazingly beautiful nature of the Russian North. However, fans of the architectural monuments will not be disappointed:  in their eyes will appear wonderful masterpiece of wooden architecture of the Church in Kizhi. The most famous natural sights of Karelia is, of course, the lake, of which there are more than sixty thousand! The largest — Ladoga and Onega, the beauty of which is unable to pass even the most professional photograph. On the shores of lakes situated numerous tourist base for every taste and budget. Visiting Karelia tourists first go on excursions to Kizhi, Valaam and Solovki. The austere beauty of the Kizhi Pogost, with its outstanding monuments of architecture and peasant homes, intercession Church, eight wooden mill — "documented" at the global level: the Museum complex included in the world heritage List of UNESCO. Valaam is not only a picturesque archipelago, but also by the ensemble of the Transfiguration monastery with a stone chapel and the five-domed Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, as well as six unique skits.

For the nature lover in you!

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