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This is a voluntary program for Hotels and Restaurants in Russia which awards certificate of «India Friendly» to them once they have tuned to, serve the  unique  needs of the Indian Tourist. The project «India Friendly» realized in Q4 of 2016 is an initiative of the Russian Information Centre in India, with the support of the Federal  Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation, National  Tourist Office ‘Visit Russia’, Russian Union of Travel Industry,  St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Tourism Department.

This program is an ongoing initiative and will expand in volume and coverage of regions in the Russian Federation in months to come.

Russia welcomes Indians with a Namaste, smiles and open arms!

Paresh Navani about the programme

«India Friendly» befoure the satte-2017

It is rightly said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We have hardly treaded much on the path of our journey to our goal but have so much to be thankful for so far.

From the day 29 February 2016 when we initiated the «Indo- Russia Tourism Exchange» program at the Russian Center for Science & Culture in Mumbai to now, here at SATTE 2017, New Delhi, we have crossed some key milestones and the speed at which developments are happening has been a strong motivator for Russian Information Center in India.

Along the way we engaged with the Tourism authorities and stakeholders in Russia & India, conducted FAM and Press tours to Russia and vice versa to India for the travel trade community, roadshows, presentations to promote Russia across key cities in India.  On 30 September 2016, the «India Friendly» program was signed in St. Petersburg with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation, National Tourist Office «Visit Russia», Russian Union of Travel Industry, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Tourism Department paving the path for many future destination education and promotion activities.

With these quick developments and last years statistics showing a healthy growth of 18% we can be assured that out-bound tourism to Russia is poised for the leap!

You can look forward to Russian Information Center in India with respect to regions, packages and guidance on any topic with respect to Russia and connected to our Travel Trade. We will be more than glad to be of assistance to you.

While we we wish to express our thanks' to all individually, the list would be beyond the scope of this page therefore allow us to mention the Tourist, Travel Trade Community in India, office bearers of TAFI, TAAI, State Tourism Departments in Russia and India, Russian Union of Travel Industry, St. Petersburg Economic University and the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai without whose support this was not possible. Thank you!

«India Friendly» is supported

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