The Russian Riviera

As an old legend says, no land is better than Crimea! Endorsed by the Tsar’s (Emperors)  of the Russian Empire as each one of them had their holiday homes built here.

You will never find another place with such an unbeatable uniqueness and such an amazing blend of picturesque landscapes, historic events and people’s stories. There is a particular magnetism in Crimea’s gentle sun, in its mountains, old palaces and fortresses, in its milk-warm sea and friendly smiles of the local people. Having visited Crimea once, you will always long for coming here again. This phenomenon cannot be somehow explained. It can only be felt with your soul and your heart…The astounding diversity of nature ensures the first-time visitor will find some part of Crimea reminiscent of his home. From the flowering Alpine meadows to the dramatic landscapes of the table mountains of America, from the endless plains and steppe lands to the wetlands of central Russia. You’ll find the full spectrum of nature’s manifestations from impassible woodlands like in Siberia to the bleak tundra you’d find in the arctic. Crimea’s coast is also very diverse, from pristine shallow beaches with sandbars like the Baltics to the majestic mountains plunging steeply to the sea reminiscent of Sicily – that’s why it’s not surprising Crimea has been set for countless films where various foreign locations were required in the same place. And all of this within a couple of hundred kilometers.

Crimea 4 You!

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